The tradition of a village bakery since 1952




L’Antico Forno Madonia ha sede in: via Cimitero, 90010 San Mauro Castelverde (PA).
Il proprio punto vendita si trova in: via Umberto, 86 • 90010 San Mauro Castelverde (PA).
Telefono: +39 0921 674001 • +39 0921 446197 Fax: +39 0921 440260

anticofornomadonia@gmail.com         www.anticofornomadonia.com

Ancient Madonia oven

For generations, Antico Forno Madonia has been baking bread and biscuits following the ancient recipes of the past and using the simple and genuine ingredients of the food tradition of its territory. The mountains, the memory and the peasant traditions, the baker's trade which is learned by observing the parents: these are the experiences and the places, far from metropolitan contamination and the civilization of consumption, where passion and ancient hospitality have been transformed over time into the wise art of making bread and biscuits at home.

The fragrance and scent of milk pastries as well as that of hot bread are a piece of the heritage of the inhabitants of San Mauro and of those who enjoy the products of the Antico Forno Madonia

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